The Art of {not} Blogging

When I moved to Cabo Verde one of the first things I did, with the help of my dear friend Va, was register my own domain because “I’m going to blog my whole cabo verde experience” I said with conviction.  I remember attending my last Boston Chamber of Commerce Women’s Leadership lunch meeting, where I announced that I was moving to Cabo Verde for a few years and everyone jumped and said you should keep a blog. My reply? Yes, yes of course. Most definitely! That’s exactly what I plan on doing (thinking: pppshhh I got this under control ladies).

Well today on December 30, 2015 marks on year, 6 months, and 6 days since I moved and I have written a total of ONE blog post about my first few weeks here in Cabo Verde. What is wrong with me you ask!? I have no idea…actually I do. I started freaking out about my writing skills (or lack thereof) and also about whether or not I wanted to leave a digital footprint that is as intimate as blogging (I suppose). If I did decide to blog, what could I even talk about that would be of any interest to anyone reading? Is this just a personal diary that happens to be online and accessible by others or am I suppose to write to “my audience”?

So many questions so little answers! Until of course I asked google. Google knows everything, so I searched for “the art of blogging” and after visiting a few pages it became clear to me that there are some pretty cool benefits to blogging.  This one article makes some great points about why blogging is a good idea – 15 Reasons I think you Should Blog.

On the fence….taking the plunge….

Girly or not, here I come!

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